Can holistic medicine hold a natural cure for Schizophrenia?

Can holistic medicines cure mental illnesses such as PTSD or schizophrenia? Hello, all my resilient readers! I have had a long run-in with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, and recently I’ve started to take medicine. I didn’t want to be on medication, so before that, I was researching herbal remedies and other holistic medicines that…

Ending Inter-Generational Trauma

There are three types of traumas: acute, complex, and chronic. Each of these affects our brain development differently. The American Psychological Association defines trauma as an emotional response to a terrible event (2022). This emotional response can alter our DNA and even be passed down to future generations, which is known as inter-generational trauma.            …

Depression and Social Sabotage

Hello, my resilient readers! It’s been two weeks since my last blog, but I have been brainstorming topics. I want to talk about how depression affects your social health. We start developing how we interact with our environment before birth. Fetuses kick in the womb when they feel a touch or their birth giver eats…

Living while Grieving

*Trigger warning the following blog mentions suicide and the grief surrounding it* This article is for my Grandaddy; I love you more than all the stars! Last year in November, my Grandaddy lost his struggle with mental illness. It was his birthday on July 20th, and I usually call him every Thursday, especially on his…


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Hi I’m Ollie I am an Army veteran who has a passion for educating others about mental illness. I live with my partner Ericka and our perfect pooch Nutella. I want to create blogs that educate and help to give others skills to use in their mental health journeys. Therefore I created Serotonin Soup. I thought it was a fitting name because something about a nice hot cup of soup makes the world seem just a bit better.

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